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Worldwide, the charter companies for large sailing yachts are facing turbulent seas. Rules and regulations concerning safety, ship construction, equipment, machinery and environmental awareness are having a high impact on the exploitation of these yachts.

Many of these yachts are of respectable age. It takes much effort to maintain them as they should be. Especially the older steel and wooden hulls need much attention. The use of steel of a lesser quality than we are now used to, can cause problems. After many years in salty waters oxidation weakens the plates and construction. Wood can survive for a long time, but once it’s affected by the wear and tear of time, intensive and expensive restoration will be necessary.

Even more recently build yachts are facing the challenges to comply with new requirements that are formulated by their flag states or political regions.

Overall the costs of and efforts to exploiting large sailing yachts for charter are increasing, what makes it more difficult to exploit them in a profitable way.

That is why Orange Sailing has developed a new generation sailing charter yacht: The “Lotus”.

A sailing yacht that is specifically designed and developed for charter worldwide.

The “Lotus” is designed, constructed and fitted out according to the latest rules and regulations without making compromises to important issues as performance, utility and appearance.

Efficiency and simplicity are the key factors for the design and construction, as well as for the exploitation of the yacht.

Around the drawing board Orange Sailing gathered and combined an innovative and inventive naval architect and a committed technical specialist with the companies’ own experience in the sailing charter business in The Netherlands.


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