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Sailing Center Vietnam is proud to be the exclusive authorized dealer for Hobie in Vietnam.

Hobie means the best quality, outstanding durability and excellent usability.

Together with dedicated assistance and after sales service by Sailing Center Vietnam, this makes a great combination.

Since 2010 we have provided several resorts in Vietnam with Hobie Cats and Kayaks and we are happy to see that more hotels and resorts decide to buy Hobie products.

And the Hobie product range keeps on developing.

After the introduction of the Mirage drive and indestructible inflatable kayaks, Hobie now presents a new line of SUP boards that is particularly suitable for intensive use.

Please take some time to read more about our fantastic products on

Hobie has been making sailboats since the late 1960’s.

The most revolutionary boat at that time, the Hobie 16 is still one of the most popular catamarans worldwide.

But Hobie has never stopped developing and that is why nowadays a wide range of catamarans is available for each type of user.

From the fast and furious Formula 18 to multifunctional sailing and from high performance fun boats to forgiving training boats.

Specifically for water front hotels and resorts, Hobie has developed the rotomolded polyethylene models.

These boats are extra strong, durable and impact resistant and therefore absolutely perfect for intensive use in this branch.




Hobie 16

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